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P-TECH Pathways in Technology

Posted Date: 02/29/2024

P-TECH  Pathways in Technology

P-TECH is a public education reform program that integrates early access to college courses with early career preparation. P-TECH schools span grades 9-14 and enable students to earn both a high school diploma and a no-cost, two-year postsecondary degree in a STEM field. Students participate in a range of workplace experiences, including mentorship, worksite visits and paid internships. Upon graduation, our students have the academic and professional skills required to either continue their education at a four-year postsecondary institution or enter into entry-level careers in Mechanical Technology. While the P-TECH Model lasts six years, students are able to move at their own pace, enabling some to accelerate through the model in as little as four years. P-TECH serves all students, regardless of background.  

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